Artists, Bands and Workshops @ Nexus 2019

Nexus Gatherings are relaxed and joyful family friendly gatherings of like-minded folk, celebrating community and embracing connection. Our aim is to co-create welcoming, open-hearted, laughter-filled spaces alive with song, dance, play, yoga, spirituality, and meditation.

There will be magical workshops and ritual ceremony, held under both the sun and the stars.
The Gatherings are family-orientated.

  • There will be bands and musicians playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
  • Workshops running throughout the weekend on Saturday and Sunday and 1 on Monday morning.
  • Stand up comedy and spoken word poetry on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Nexus 2019 – Full Weekend Adult Pass

Bands & Musicians:

We are delighted to announce that
Shifty Chicken Shed will be launching their new Album at Nexus 2019!
They will be joining us for the whole weekend and performing live 


Jarraloo will be providing some magical healing music for us at Nexus2019 

Drumroll please….. it gives us great pleasure to announce that Tom George will be back with us this year adding his amazing magic to proceedings! Check out his page if you want to get a feel for what’s in store 
Tom will also be offering a Mindful Writing workshop as well so bring your favourite writing pad and pen! How lucky are we?! 

We’re very pleased to announce that The Society of Strange Living will again be joining us with their unique brand of musicianship and glam.





We are very pleased to announce that Blanty will be joining us at this year’s Nexus Gathering. This really is going to be very special

Blanty’s unique & exciting style of guitar playing and songwriting are heavily influenced by his 22 years living & playing his music in various countries & among many cultures around the world.. his live show is euphoric “Blanty is the best acoustic live show in the UK right now, an asset for any venue or festival” Rhythmtree Festival IOW.

“Blantys show is an acoustic rave full of love & energy” – Green Gathering – Chandra Mani by Blanty (The Narrowboat Sessions 2015, chosen for their vinyl production)

Another great addition to this year’s lineup!!

Regarded by many as one of our finest young songwriting talents, Mackie has been making quite an impact over the last couple of years. With several festival appearances and his first album now under his belt, Mackie plans to bring his finely crafted original songs, winning stage persona and stunning guitar technique along for the ride, as he travels the UK looking for new friends and inspiration along the way.

Be sure to check him out at Nexus2019…/nexus-2019-full-weekend-adult-pass/

Delighted to announce we are having much more than music in the evenings this year.

Fancy getting your giggle on listening to the talented stand-up firepower of Kung Fu Pug Comedy and Friends?

Bingo bango!

All included in the weekend ticket price. 

Get yours here:…/nexus-2019-full-weekend-adult-pass/


Mws (pronounced Moose; it’s Welsh see):

A Guitar/Clarinet combo offering an eclectic mix of rhythm and blues fuelled boogie.

With Deborah Harris on Clarinet and vocals, Innes Reid on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Songs of familiarity, whilst some songs spin a woven tale of originality, humour and intrigue!


Teri Birtwistle, from the hills of Darwen, Lancashire, is described as a versatile singer-songwriter with rich soothing sounds like Joni and a powerful rasp dubbed ‘Joplinesque’. Teri brings a hypnotic performance fuelled with dynamics, guitar and vocal looping, harmonies and resonating lyrics. Come and enjoy, chill and spread the smiles.




Neutrino are an eclectic mix of musicians & music, influenced by many folk, also dance, experimental, jazz, funk & traditional music, they are a delight on the ear, mainly playing catchy instrumental numbers the trio are full of youthful energy & smiles, their tuneful experimental music is exciting & uplifting, their creative compositions take you to many dimensions, floating your imagination into a beautiful futuristic sound then leaping your mind into blast of 70’s stylie psychedelic fast funk. Neutrino are a new vibe & sound, catch them while you can.

Another Last Minute Lineup Addition!!
We are delighted to announce that Ash Mandrake will be joining us at Nexus in just over 2 weeks time 🙂
The Ash Mandrake Act incorporates music, loop machines, stories and comedy. He designed the double necked guitar, hats and costumes. This is folk rock, but many styles are used. He has been described as imaginative; an incredibly skilled musician and songwriter; unique, brave, and completely naturalistic.
Entertainment, originality and quality: Sometimes we have to trust in the powerful imagination of another in order to truly experience something new…
“You’ve never seen anything like it. You’ll never forget it. You’ll never be the same again.”


1st Amazing Workshop Announcement: 

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic and powerful practice. It combines asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and sound (mantra chanting and music).

Kundalini Yoga teaches the art of self-healing, elevation and relaxation, enabling one to live a life of positivity, endurance and courage. It is a practice which is both fun and transformational!

After this we’ll ease into a live soundscape through the sounds of the gongs, bowls and chimes. The majestic myriad of sounds created in gong bath meditation allow mind, body and spirit to heal, rest and rejuvenate.

(However, not suitable during pregnancy or to anyone with a pacemaker – sorry!)

For further information please contact Nicole Kiaya at”

Another FAB workshop announcement!

Hatha Yoga

Energising, connecting, playful Hatha yoga postures and breathing with yoga author Anna Semlyen of who has taught yoga since 1996.

Bring a mat if you have one.
A few mats available to borrow.

Friendly and Fun All Welcome.


Making your Monday more Magical!

Due to other commitments, we cannot offer this talk and workshop until Monday morning of the 27th May 2019 but we couldn’t resist getting the world renowned Permaculture expert Steve Jones in to run a workshop and talk for you all.

Now we have recognised the climate emergency, what can be done in response? Permaculture is a tool for radical change and Steve Jones can point us all to a better path.

We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world and train all our young people to help. They want to; we must give them this last chance to create forests, woodland, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions and to know how to do it from hands-on experience.

Do make time to take all this in before you leave on the Monday.

Permaculture is truly global, these two pioneers of Permaculture pictured with Steve Jones are from Rwanda, from a recent course run by a team from Llanfyllin! 

Check out more info on Steve’s work here:

Nexus Tickets:…/nexus-2019-full-weekend-adult-pass/


‘You are more than you think you are.’

Another amazing workshop announcement 

During the workshop I will be exploring the myth of what we have all been brought up and conditioned to believe about ourselves, and how we can live a far greater life when we break free from the limitations that we have all subconsciously placed upon ourselves:- Mike Shinton


More magic that we can’t wait to share!!

Join June Meagher and explore the Power of Sound – learn toning using the voice, join in mantras and chants from around the globe and have some fun with percussion.

June has taught a range of holistic workshops and courses around the UK for over 30 years and we are delighted to add her to the roster of great workshops happening at Nexus this year.

Hello Lovely people my name is Analise and I am a Chakra Dancing & Creative Mindful Meditation Therapist. Chakra Dancing is a healing therapy using music, movement colour and meditation, it is an invitation to go within, to connect with your body and dance your own unique dance. It is a truly liberating, empowering experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. Come and join in the fun.


Unlock your creativity at this unique workshop combining mindfulness and creative writing. Taking inspiration from nature, the body and senses, we will learn to free our inner voice and enter the world of creative play with Tom George. Writing Mindfully, we can go wherever our heart takes us, enjoying the journey as much as the end result. We can explore, experiment and embrace the unknown.

A fun and practical Spoken Word workshop with former Young People’s Laureate Wales (2013-16) Martin Daws, to explore writing and performing Spoken Word Poetry. Pen and paper provided, just bring your voice.


Mini Me Yoga – Janice is offering her wonderful Mini Me Yoga session again for the younger attendees at Nexus 2019 🙂
All workshop timings will be announced at the event itself and are, of course, subject to change at any time.

Creative Writing with the Medicine WheelCharacter Development Workshop
Hi Everyone, I’m Jenny Thomas, personal change coach, novice shamanic practitioner, amateur creative writer, and “Oxford comma” enthusiast. In this workshop, we will explore the ancient teaching map known as The Medicine Wheel as a tool for creating and developing one of our fictional characters (it could be autobiographical!), defining their fragmented personalities and experiences, perhaps identifying the tyrants in their lives, and giving them direction on their hero’s or heroine’s journey, whether they’re ready and willing, or not! Please bring a spirit of playfulness, and a willingness to start writing!
A clue to the philosophy of Jenny’s game?
Q. What is the difference between a fictitious character and a real person?
A. A fictitious character “knows” s/he not real. A real person, (mostly) forgets that s/he is not real! Ha-ha

Additional workshops in Tai Chi, Daoist Dabblings and Sacred Singing TBC.

ALL workshops are subject to change at any time.

Nexus 2019 – Full Weekend Adult Pass