Here at Nexus Yoga we specialise in connecting people.
Be the center of your own universe; intrinsically linked to each and every other being on the planet.

Come together in one thought.

Love, light and laughter are the answer 🙂 haha

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Nexus Yoga: Connection is Key

Nexus Gatherings
are relaxed and joyful gatherings of like-minded folk, celebrating community and embracing connection. Our aim is to co-create welcoming, open-hearted, laughter-filled spaces alive with song, dance, play, yoga, spirituality, learning and meditation.

There will be magical workshops and ritual ceremony, held under both the sun and the stars.
The Gatherings are family-orientated.

Watch this space for upcoming events. 🙂

Connect @ Nexus Gathering 2018
Why Nexus?

As a leading part of a small core team Tim has put on a wonderful small festival for the last two years. A 3rd festival in that vein didn’t end up going ahead for reasons beyond his control. Tim recognised that this created a gap for some people and along with some members of the original team, he wanted to create a space to allow the connection, co-creation and beautiful interactions that had begun to continue and grow.

A nexus is a form of connection, or a connected group, or the centre of something.

Tim wanted to use Nexus Gathering as a place of connection, creating a connected group of Nexusites and, for the purposes of this first Gathering, Tim was willing to hold the space as the centre of something special.

Nexus Connect ButterflyThe Nexus Gathering 2018 guestlist was made up of many wonderful, magical souls, each of whom are no more than one degree of separation from Tim.

Connection is KeyMagic we expected to happen at Nexus Gathering 2018:
• Community
• Connection (to self, to others, to nature, to a higher purpose)
• Laughter, Song, Dance, Play
• Co-Creation (of workshops, music, experiences, and fireside chats)

Magic we hoped would reveal itself:
• Spontaneous growth and breakthroughs
• Planning and co-creation of future Nexus events/gatherings
• Illumination of possibilities and opportunities
• Luminosity and incandescence from the enchanted yellow orb in the sky

Nexus 2019 is going to be even more special 🙂

Tickets Sales and Donations help cover:

• Infrastructure and site costs

• Camping charges

• Band fees and expenses

• Investment in future Nexus events (Ongoing Donations HERE)

• More donations means more goodies 🙂

• Tickets for Nexus 2019 On Sale HERE. More info HERE.

• You can also support us by buying some of our amazing Tee Shirts and Hoodies 🙂 Mugs and Merch are coming on sale soon!

Love and Laughter,

Timmy Tango (and friends)

No idea laughter - Nexus